One Week Left to Enter Show Me Challenge!

There is only one week left to enter the Show Me Challenge! If you're still (for some reason) hesitant to enter this contest, let me start by asking you a single question:

What are you waiting for?!

The Show Me Challenge is a creative contest, simply asking you to show us how you are Young & Free in your area! How do you spend your time in St. Louis? What do you like to do? Show us in a creative way: make a video, film a commercial, write a song, design a poster or a t-shirt. That's all we're asking!

What do you get for this? $2500, $1000, or $500! How can you pass this up?

You have one week from today to complete and post your entry. Just a little work can put some serious money in your pocket!

For more information, click the Show Me Challenge banner at the top of the page.

Signing off...

Rob Cartwright