Applicant #32: Jon Christopher

Jon Christopher is a 19-year-old from O'Fallon.

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Jonathan's current situation:

Hello St. Louis. I am Jon Christopher. I am 19 years old. I am just living life and enjoying the summer. I enjoy music and hanging out with friends. Aside from that, I am just a fun loving guy. Being a college student, I know what it is like to be stressed about finances. I see what my friends go through and I live it myself. However, I also know the importance of having a strong support system of people who are willing to walk with you through all of life's struggles. I would like to be that for anyone who is willing to have me. Together, we can learn sound saving habits while enjoying this magnificent time in our lives. We can learn what it truly means to be young and free. Thanks.

Jonathan's blog post:

Do you ever find that you are happier when you have money? I know I do. I just feel better knowing that I am financially stable. I am not saying that you can buy happiness. However, I am saying that you can save your sanity. The burdens of college life are immense. There are books, gas prices, and what if your car happens to break down? Yikes! That is not fun. (Just happened to me the other day) Over the last year of my life I have come up with a pretty solid plan for how to save money. More importantly, I have come up with a plan for how to have fun.

Here are a few ways to cut cost and have a good time:

  1. Instead of always going out to eat, have a few friends over and each one can bring a dish.
  2. Set aside a certain percentage of each pay check for fun, some for emergencies, and save the rest. You will have a huge savings account in no time. 
  3. Never pay full price for clothes. Styles don’t change that much from year to year. Stores get new merchandise seasonally. Wait a little while and you can get the same clothes at cheaper prices.  Not to mention there are always great stores like Avalon exchange in the Loop that are super trendy and budget conscious.
  4. Hobbies are also a good way to have fun on the cheap. Ex. I play guitar and it only cost $8.00 a month for strings. I also just go out and play croquet or tennis with my friends. Sports are healthy and inexpensive.

My final tip is don’t lose sight of the important things in life. When you look at your facebook pictures you see your friends and family. You don’t necessarily see the latest gadget or styles.  The relationships you form in this life will always be the most important thing and they are FREE.