Applicant #15: Erin Stratton

Erin Stratton is a 23-year-old from St. Louis.

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I graduated from Ole Miss in May of 2009. Immediately after graduation I moved to Dublin, Ireland for three months to work as an intern for a social media website. Since moving home, I have been working three jobs (part - time at Kayak's coffee, a small clothing line in Illinois, and as a nanny). In February I moved from my parent's house in Ballwin into and apartment with my friend, Beth, in the Central West End.

Erin's blog post:

Wear and Share…

There’s a ton of stuff to do throughout our great city that can be fun and (relatively) free.  I’m sure the people who look into these things have found out that “cheap, fun things to do in STL” is probably one of the top Google searches these days (I’m not judging, I’ve done it several times myself.) Really though, uncovering some great gem of a free, fun activity only really creates another problem….
What are Earth are you going to wear?

I guess this post is mostly directed towards the ladies, since the majority of my guy friends have informed me they don’t necessarily deal with this problem. But, being that it’s apparently the hottest summer on record here in the Lou, I’m sure even guys are going through an excessive amount of t-shirts (or whatever else guys where when they go out).

A couple of weeks ago, I was doing a little summer cleaning in my closet. As I was hesitantly piling up shirts that had spent so many summers making me look good my Mom gave me a great idea. My Aunt’s assistant loves her job even though it’s making her almost no money at all. She doesn’t have money for new stuff, not that she would have time to shop if she did. She’s a recent graduate trying to gain experience and somehow make an income, a situation not totally unfamiliar to my friends and I.  Why don’t I give the stuff to her? I loved the idea of giving my old stuff a new life for someone who I knew would really appreciate it.

A couple weeks later, I saw some familiar clothes piles in the bedrooms of one of the families I babysit for.  Immediately, the woman insisted I go through all the clothes and take whatever I wanted. What goes around had actually come around. I had been meaning to go shopping for some great new summer finds, but found I had no time and no money to do so. This was the perfect solution and it got me thinking, why I don’t beg and borrow more?

So when planning for that that fun, free concert or exhibit or whatever it is you want to do this summer, ask first and buy later. Ask your friends and family to borrow a piece you’ve been eyeing.  Go through that stack of clothes your roommate set aside for Goodwill. Chances are their “junk” just might be your hot new summer outfit and you’ll have saved yourself enough money to buy your way in to the next hot summer event.