Advanced Movie Screenings For FREE!

So there's a new movie coming out that you want to see, but you don't want to pay ticket prices. Attend a movie screening and you watch the film in the theater for free, before they're released to the public, and there's really no downside.

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Theaters often have advanced screenings of new films in major metro areas so that critics can get a jumpstart on their reviews. However, these screenings are not limited to critics only; casual audience members who have RSVP codes (which we'll get to in a moment) are also welcome, allowing theaters to report audience reactions.

There are a variety of websites devoted to finding advanced screenings, but my favorites are GoFobo and Film Metro. When you log on to one of these sites, you can either search movies specifically or search your zip-code to find an upcoming screening in your area. Once you find a screening you're interested in, you will be asked for an RSVP code. RSVP codes are generally handed out to local reviewers, but extras can be found on various websites like Lifehacker reports that these screening codes are also often given out by local radio stations, newspapers, and other media.

Screenings are first-come, first-serve. Not only will you need to register your RSVP code as soon as possible, but you will also need to get to the screening early (the Wise Bread blog recommends 30 minutes before the screening starts). Not every movie will be available for a screening though. Blockbusters like the latest entry in the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise is likely to be unavailable and full of critics.

If you start making a habit of attending screenings, who knows, maybe you'll be the world's next famous film critic?!

Signing off...

Rob Cartwright